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Winter Timetable

Just breathe...


Aerial Yoga €15

Friday 16:30-17:30

@ Mountain Rehab

Aerial yoga uses a hammock to help us develop our practice and supports our bodies into postures we couldn't achieve normally. We stretch and strengthen our bodies in this class and is great for beginners and seasoned yogis alike, so come and give it a try and learn to fly!

Yoga Mats

Vinyasa Flow


Tuesday 18:00-19:00

@ Salle du Associations


Reset your body and mind with this gentle flow designed to release those tight muscles from the slopes, and leave you feeling lighter mentally and physically. A class for all abilities which will aim to address your individual needs.


Aerial Circus


Friday 15:00-16:00

@ Mountain Rehab

Get fit the fun way and discover muscles you never knew you had in the all new fitness trend. What to expect? You will learn how climb, invert and discover different variations on aerial silks, hoop, hammock and trapeze. No previous experience necessary.

The Zen Club

Join The Zen Club with our 10 class pass for €100, which gives you access to all classes and an extra 10% off workshops and events. 

Click below to buy now and collect at your next class.

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